Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

What is MAFEIP


The MAFEIP monitoring framework comprises a web-based tool which rests on the principles of Decision Analytic Modelling (DAM). More specifically, it is based on a traditional Markov model, an approach that is commonly used in health economic evaluations to assess the impact of healthcare innovations in terms of health outcomes and resource use.

Based on data introduced into the tool, which may be (preliminary) data from clinical studies, expert opinions and your own views, this model performs an incremental analysis of the impact of your innovation. This means that it estimates the changes in healthcare resource use, societal resource use and health related quality of life that result from using your innovation instead of current care. As a result you would need data on both the current care situation for your target population, as well as the situation in which your intervention is used.