Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

The MAFEIP tool has been tested by a diverse range of institutions (regional governments, large companies, SMEs, academia, etc.) for assessing the potential impact of new propositions for health and social care interventions.

The Use Cases aim to provide the results of the health and economic outcomes achieved in a variety of social and technological interventions conducted in different Actions Groups of the EIP on AHA. Examples of innovative interventions analysed with MAFEIP include novel ICT tools necessary to integrate care pathways across organisations and locations, technology scenarios for improved dementia care management, and devices for improved fall risk assessment, among others.


Use cases evaluated with MAFEIP


The United4Health project (U4H) tested telehealth services targeting the three main chronic diseases found among the EU population: diabetes, COPD, and CHF. This case covers the telehealth service for patients living with COPD.