Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

MAFEIP keeps growing under the Digital Health Europe project

More and more organisations are analysing the cost-effectiveness of their technological solutions to improve healthy ageing. The number of MAFEIP users has increased, reaching almost 250 users of the tool.
Importantly, within the Horizon 2020 project, DigitalHealthEurope, technical solutions to improve healthy ageing in the European region have been systematically evaluated and some solutions were awarded as “Good Practices” if they fulfilled a list of predetermined criteria. From this list of initiatives, more than 10 different “Good Practices” across Europe have started analysing the cost-effectiveness of their technical solutions. In addition, four of these good practices have already finalised their analysis and the report has been published on the MAFEIP website.
Other solutions are currently being analysed and will be published soon.