Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

CDK Integrated Care

The main aim of the Puglia-project was to address the need to reduce the level of dialysis taking place in hospitals, and thereby increase the amount of dialysis treatment at home. The goal of the project was to increase quality of life for patients treated with hemodialysis, by increasing home care while reducing the costs of hospitalization.

This use case includes the analysis of the results achieved at the Puglia Public Nephro-Dialytic Centers by means of the MAFEIP tool.

The overall case study was based on the data collected (from around 10,000 patients and a control group of about 30,000 patients).

The intervention which is the focus of this report addresses the specific need to reduce the stress experienced by the dialysis patients when they are treated in a hospital, by encouraging the rate of dialysis treatment at home.

The age of the patient participants ranged from 35 to 85 years, and the group included both women and men. The patients underwent both peritoneal and hemodialysis treatment at home or experienced hemodialysis treatment at the hospital.