Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

MasterMind pilot of cCBT service conducted at Aragón Healthcare Service (SALUD)

The MasterMind project aimed at making high quality treatment for depression more widely available for adults suffering from the illness through the use of ICT. This analysis focuses on the pilot of one of the services (cCBT) in the site of the Aragón Healthcare Service (SALUD), the public healthcare provider for the Aragonese region.
During the period of the intervention participants had one face‐to‐face training session and several online sessions (the plan was 8 online sessions, but not all participants completed them). The evaluation used a one‐group pre‐trial‐post‐trial study design and it followed the dimensions of the Model for ASessment of Telemedicine (MAST).
All but one of the participants that completed at least 50% of the sessions had symptoms before the implementation of the intervention. Nonetheless, 73% of them had recovered at the end of the pilot. This percentage is the recovery rate for the intervention group. The recovery rate for the control group (29%) was obtained from trials that assess the effect of medication in the treatment of depression during a similar period.